Sitting with the Annoying Parts

I was with a friend of a friend recently, and we've seen each other socially before, and she rubs me the wrong way, each time. I feel competitive and threatened, inexplicably, and end up acting well, competitive and showy. Like I don't want to behave as a person. So when I saw her, I immediately started telling myself a story about how I need to compete with her. But then I paused and thought, hey, pay attention to this, this needs attention. And instead I sat with her and talked and asked genuinely curious questions and realized she just needed someone to listen to her. That's it. She needed someone to listen. We hugged when we parted ways that night.

Friends, this is such a great metaphor for life. And one I'm going to try really hard to apply to the ongoing struggle with self-doubt and self-judgement. Rather than dismiss, judge or criticize those parts of us that need attention: those nagging, annoying things that need attention and listening to. Take a minute with them. Sit with them and listen. Ask good questions. Listen. Find the empathy and pour it on. Hug at the end.


  1. This is a very buddhist response. So glad it helped for you!

    1. Julie!!!! I miss you.


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