Still Navel Gazing After All These Years

Hooboy I could write 5,000 posts about my current deep thoughts on eating and all that stuff. I'll try to boil it down to the minimum here.

Basically, the Paleo (I use that term with an extreme eyeroll), or low-carb or whatever, means I feel slim/trim/fit/not puffy. I also feel more alert, less prone to energy crashes and just overall more energetic.

When I deviate from this in a general sense, (hey GF crackers and cheese for dinner), I feel yucky. Fluffy. Round. Bloated. Gassy. Sluggish. As if there cannot be enough coffee in the world to get me awake.

I also am so back and forth about the Whole 30. It is unsustainable long term, and isn't meant to be that way. I also really don't want to approach food for FOREVER with all these rules.

But dudes, the bottom line is this. I've experimented a lot lately with trying to eat kinda whatever I want but in smaller portions and eating slower. I've done a lot of thinking around do I eat what I want, or do I eat what I have to? I absolutely don't want to eat in a way that feels like drudgery, and I really eschew any eating or "diet" approach that strips emotions away from eating food, i.e. pleasure. Absolutely, I shouldn't be trying to stuff down emotions with brownies. But to deny pleasure and the emotions around food, as some of those whackadoo bloogers or "health experts" out there advise, is just not my jam. At all. Food is wonderfully pleasureable. And I always, always want it to be.

But when it comes to using food in a pleasurable way to make me happy, I think I need to broaden my definition of happy, and include less bloated and other associated traits that eating clean brings me. Basically it boils down to my last post: I'm continuing to go to what I want, and taking care of myself FIRST instead of after a series of energy sucking gyrations.