The Self-Prescription List

I woke up in a funk. Unreasonable expectations for myself and tons of negative self-talk. Moving is hell, I had forgotten. It takes a while to develop new routines. Not to mention the stress of trying to find one thing and then having to make 10 decisions about the things you find in search of the one thing. Ugh. 

To add to the mix, just before the move I developed De Quervain's tendonitis which impacts my wrist and thumb, naturally in my dominant hand. So I can't go lift heavy things to work shiz out, as I normally do in the gym. It also means I can't go turbo through the new house getting shiz done. I have to rest my freaking wrist/thumb or it won't get better, the doc said yesterday. Plain and simple. Unfortunately.

I've also decided, because I am unreasonable (see above), that I would start a Whole30 because stress eating pirate's booty and GF pizza has me feeling uh, fluffy? And down. 

Thus the grumps this morning. I realized I needed a prescription to write for myself. What are the things I would tell a friend who is in this position?

1. Keep up with the training runs (duh). No brainer and easy with the arm. 
2. Figure out a 30 min. bodyweight workout I can do at home with my headphones on or in the damn driveway until I can lift heavy again. 
3. Eat clean *most* of the time. This weekend is Pete's birthday and I have a surprise dinner planned for him, which I would really like to enjoy with him too.
4. Exercise COMPASSION. 

Onward, you guys.