Week 2 Update

I'll keep this short, but Week 2 was pretty great in the workouts. It was my first week of getting up at 5 and into the gym by 6-6:15 without caffeine, and I'm thrilled to say it wasn't hard for most of the week. I upped my weights all week, which I'm super proud of. Badassery.

Diet and eating however, didn't go as great. I slipped a bit in the sugar department and ate past the point of satisfaction, trending more towards full too many times. Stopping when I'm 80% full continues to be so so difficult, and truly where I need to do my most work. I was joking with a friend that they say abs are made in the kitchen, for me abs are made right there in that 20%.

As I result, my weight ticked up a bit this week. Moving on, let's go get Week 3.