Week 1 Update

Week 1 of the Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer was pretty awesome. Bodyspace has an app so you just open it and follow the workout along that way, and log in how much you lifted as you go. As a complete nerd who used to relish in creating workout spreadsheets and filling them out, this has been a change, but it's really awesome! I got a summary yesterday that told me how much I lifted and not surprisingly, my strongest muscles are my biceps (thanks Espen). This program feels really, really doable. I'm super excited. I got some BCAAs to drink post-workout and am incorporating those to help with soreness. I was able to go pretty hard today, despite dodging a virus from the kids. 

For WW, man I knocked it out of the park. I focused on detoxing from vacation, so it wasn't hard to stay on track or anything. I also implemented a rule of closing the kitchen after dinner, so no snacks after dinner at all. No nibbles while I make the kids' lunches. Nada. The result:

Goals for this week: 
Continue closed kitchen after dinner rule.
 Train hard, don't go over my WW points unless it's food that's really worth it or contributes to my health (guacamole, I'm lookin at you). 

Oh and one thing I didn't mention: I quit coffee. I KNOW. I was drinking somewhere around 5-6 cups a day and realized that in order to reduce my anxiety in a holistic sense, it would probably help if I didn't feel like I was on speed for the majority of the day. Also, I'm trying to get to a place where I listen to my body more, so I felt like caffeine was masking exhaustion and other stuff. So far it's been really easy to go cold turkey, and I feel so much calmer and sane. Thumbs up to that.