One Two Oh

You guys. I am starting anew for realsies on Monday. Jamie Eason's 12-week Live Fit Trainer and WW. My goal is to get to 120. I felt like the weekly check ins really helped my accountability when I was losing the baby weight, so I'm starting those again. I weigh in on Saturdays so I'll post then and maybe periodically otherwise. 

I'm going to follow the Training program to the T, and use the eating programs as a guide. I'm going to aim for using my points on things like guacamole instead of sugary stuff. I think I'm going to cut out sugar this week as vacation detox. I had a glazed donut this morning. A GLAZED DONUT. To be clear, it was delish. But come on. 

My downfall continues to be emotional eating. But it's always the same foods, so I'm going to aim to not keep those in the house. 

I'll post a pic of me in my bikini tomorrow (!) and my weight and measurements. Here we go!!