Need A Plan, Need Accountability

I stopped doing WW a month ago, and have no idea what I weigh, but I will tell you a wicked stomach virus certainly likely helped nudge things down. The fact is I don't have batteries for the scale.

Anyway. My workouts have been going great, just like recommended in the book. Switching to mornings has been fantastic; I'm out the door by 6:10 at the latest, and back by 7. I lay out my clothes on the dining room table the night before, and get dressed first so it's harder to change my mind. Then I chug iced coffee and get out the door. I'm making it there 5x a week now; such a huge improvement.
  • Switch to eggs, yams for breakfast (instead of banana oatmeal)
  • Eliminate rice and popcorn
  • Leave desserts/indulgences for one day a week
  • Cut back on fruit 
Basically, go back to eating on the lower carb end of things. I just feel better that way. I don't want to put a lot of crazy rules around it (ie Whole30) but I'm going to incrementally tackle the above. I gotta have a plan and accountability. Week 1 is eliminating oatmeal. Then I'll take out popcorn, which has been my go-to snack since having Espen has turned me into a salt-craving fiend. I'll figure out a way to work around that one, but not yet. Will check back in next week to report!

But I'm ready to start tackling the food again. Here I'm going to list out the things I KNOW I can do better with/cut out/make better choices: