Not sure what happened last week, but peeps, it was bad. I felt super moody, almost in tears daily, my clothes were tight and I felt super puffy. I suspect my period is making a comeback soon (it hasn't returned since July 2012).

So my weight was up 2 lbs this week.

What went right: Um. Not much. I didn't eat many WAPs until the last part of the week, so I did a great job of choosing Filling Foods.

What went wrong: Basically from Sunday to Wednesday I was miserable. Miserable. I went to the gym Thursday night and almost left in tears. I did my warm up then aborted mission. I just couldn't do it. I felt fat and like I shouldn't be in the gym at all. Ugh.

Starting Weight: 133
Ending Weight: 135
Difference: +2

I'm feeling better this week and will have a more positive update on Wednesday.