Here I Am

It's been a brutally tough week, where I have contemplated running away to escape the simultaneous and unrelenting pressures at home and work. Mama couldn't catch a break this week. Sigh.

However, I did recently read Lose It Right, by James Fell, who writes a great blog called His approach is all about moderation and drumroll please, getting in great shape and getting super consistent with workouts, and starting with baby steps on the diet, in three phases. He calls it the Virtuous Cycle, and I have totally experienced that in the past. I work out consistently, and just feel better and more able to say no to treats, because I'm feeling less stressed. He talks a lot in the book about that, about what physically happens to the brain when you work out, so you're less tempted to stress eat. It makes so much sense.

Upon finishing the book, I cancelled weight watchers and stopped weighing and counting anything. I can't tell you how much of a relief this is.

Phase 1 exercise is all about finding what you love and just doing that. I love, love going for long walks and lifting weights. So I ordered new walking shoes, which arrive tomorrow, but in the meanwhile have been going for walks just to clear my head, and getting in strength training when I can. I also ordered a monthly calendar and am going to give myself a star for every workout. So motivating, seeing that whole week filled with stars.

I took a picture of the diet part of Phase 1, here:

Naturally, because I am me, I read the book and started last week all gung ho and made changes that ended up being too drastic. This week, I'm going to make smaller changes to see how that feels. He talks about reducing fast food, which isn't a place where I know I can cut back. Where I know I can cut back is chips. Since having Espen, my hormones have changed and now I just want chips all the livelong day. Any kind will do, but I generally cave and have them at least a few times a week. For this week my plan is to swap out chips for popcorn, which is salty and crunchy too.

I'm going to try to remember to take my measurements tomorrow morning so I can start trending down in that regard too.

I hate feeling like I'm not on a plan, but honest to god, this past week nearly broke me. Onward.