It's on like Donkey Kong

Ok peeps. After jacking around and eating too much/too little, getting on the bandwagon, jumping off face-first, I am going to do a little challenge. I mean, it doesn't make much sense to keep paying for WW if I'm not going to follow it. 

So. My 41st birthday is in 12 weeks. I am going to get down to my goal weight, which is 13.4 lbs away, by then. That's a little over 1 lb per week. I SO got this. 

Here is the plan: 

Each week I'll check in with what went well, what went wrong, and plans for the coming week. 

One of the things that has worked the best for me is forecasting out events where I'll want to use my points, i.e. I'm going to a birthday party this weekend and I know they'll have GF goodies. Awesome, I'll save up some points for that. Other tricks up my sleeve include hordes of popcorn, as I reach for it when I really want chips, and shutting down the kitchen at 7. I.e. no eating after dinner, at least on non-workout days. My last and final trick, which always works for me, is to envision the number I want to see on the scale, and think hard about it when I'm feeling the need to go off the rails. 

12 weeks. 13.4 lbs. I'll be back weekly with updates. Weigh in is on Wednesdays.

Here's my starting point:

Starting weight: 133.4 

Number I want to see next week: 131 something. 

Plan for the week: Pete is back from Norway and I can resume a normal workout schedule, which will start tomorrow night after the kids go to bed. Workout plans are Thursday = intervals, Friday = lift, Saturday = intervals, Sunday = off, Monday = lift, Tuesday = intervals. 

Birthday party goodies on Sunday, likely a glass of wine at some point this weekend to celebrate Pete being home. I'm not buying peanut butter and we're almost out of almond butter at home (phew).