Gym Plans: Adjusted

I'm back. I need to write some things down. Here goes.

Topic 1: I am horrendously out of shape. Sure, I am a size 4-6 and weigh 131. But squishy and flabby. The definition of skinny fat. I started Lean Eating over again, on my own terms with Phase 1. I don't love Phase 1 - there are two exercises in particular that annoy me, due to the fact they use bands. My current gym set up is in our office park, which is basically like a larger version of a hotel gym. Three treadmills, 2 ellipticals, 1 recumbent bike, full set of dumbbells and some stationary machines (for lat pull down, etc.) It does not have bands. I could purchase the bands, but they're $80. Alternatively, we have a "CrossFit" room at our actual office, which has a bench, squat rack and bands. We're free to use that, i.e. I could go in there and bang out some squats, pushups, etc. but it's not my fave place because it's basically a 10x15 room without ventilation, so I'd have to "work out," and I use that term loosely because there's no place to warm up, stretch, foam roll, etc., and then I guess just go back to work? That's weird. And since they're not my bands, I don't feel like I can borrow them to go to the other gym. And because I couldn't do the workout JUST PERFECT, Phase 1 was like a stone in my shoe. Annoying.

I finished Phase 1, then started Phase 2, which I loved so much more. Then I started coming off my medication, and um wow, did not see those side effects coming. The days after I worked out I felt like I had been hit by a car with fatigue. Like, bone tired. First-trimester style where you sit down for a minute and wake up an hour later. Naturally, this was a bit of a problem with the whole working at a startup/supermom thing. I tried eating more, and that helped marginally, but what helped more was just stopping. Ugh. I think part of the problem was that I was lifting too heavy: when I look back at my LE experience and that year, I can see that when I lifted heavier was when I saw real results. I started lifting pretty heavy, and was impressed with how fast I was seeing my strength come back. Which was awesome and super inspiring. And my muscles weren't too sore, i.e. I was warming up and cooling down and lifting within my range. But I was feeling so damn tired all the time, grouchy and the worst part: I started dreading my workouts. I guess it was just too taxing on my body. SIGH.

Once I realized it was coming off the medication -- which apparently was a stimulant? YIPES -- I decided to just lay off the GETTING IN SHAPE PLANS OF 2014 VERSION 87828374. Let the medication fully get out of my system, aim to get more sleep so *that* becomes a habit and go from there.

And now that I'm feeling more like myself, I'm ready to get started again. So here is my plan: Start very small. Go for a walk tonight without putting parameters around it, i.e. do my same familiar route but remove any parameters around it, i.e. do it within a certain time or get my heart rate up or wear the right shoes and etc. etc. etc. Instead I'm going to just go out there and walk it. Here's my plan for the week.

Monday: Phase 2 Workout A, at the starting reps/sets but with EASY weights for the first week only. The second week, I'm telling myself I can hit it a little harder, if my body gives the thumbs up.

Tuesday: Easy walk again

Wednesday: Phase 2 Workout B

Thursday:  Day off, or walk if I'm feeling like it

Friday: Phase 2 Workout A

Saturday: Run intervals. I'm missing going out for a run, desperately. I want to start again, so I'm going to follow the Phase 1 intervals guide: start with 1:3 ratio of work:recovery.

Sunday: Day off or easy walk

NOW. These things can only happen if I get my ass to bed by 10 p.m. every night. I cannot expect to take on extra "work" as the case may be, and demand more from my body without properly taking care of it and getting extra rest.

Beyond the squishy factor, as I have documented here uh, for the past FOREVER, working out  1. it increases my confidence 2. it gives me space to decompress and have dedicated just to me every day 3. it is my thing.

I've been struggling A LOT lately with taking the space and time to do things that are just MINE. I made an apple and almond butter yesterday and ate it huddled in the kitchen (our kitchen is no lie, 3x5) because it was the last apple in the house and I knew if the kids saw it I'd have to share. I share everything. Working out is MINE and no one else's. There is a MARKED improvement in my overall temperament and demeanor when I'm working out. I need to take part of my life back, and get real about where I'm squandering my very limiting time (I'm lookin at you, Facebook), and making better choices that give me more ROI for my quality of life.

So that's what I had to say about THAT.