Back to That Other Way of Eating

Good God, I'm already annoyed just even READING that headline.That OTHER way of eating. As if there's distinct ways, as if there's one way that's better than the other.

Which is exactly why I've backed away from Paleo in general, because of how dogmatic it is. As I've documented ad nauseum, in the past it really triggered a lot of disordered eating for me. The black/white assignment of good and bad foods.

So why the hell would I consider going back?

Because I feel better on it. SIGH. I feel better, I have more energy, I sleep better, I don't have cravings or desire to empty the potato chip bag.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this. Of course I have. Eating more protein and fat and less grains made me feel better. But going into BEING BACK ON PALEO and NO RICE EVER or no popcorn or no whatever makes me bananas just thinking about it. Weight Watchers, as we all know, still thrives on the antiquated low-fat dietary style, which uh, runs counter to Paleo. But I tried going off WW a few weeks ago, and being without the limitations on portion control of almond butter, dark chocolate, avocado, etc. made me feel all weird and before you know it I was happily making GF PBJs daily. I need a cap on the amount of "treats" I have, and here's the thing about eating Paleo: because I'm so satiated from the fat and protein, I have less cravings for crap in general, so its also way easier to cap it.

So this is what I decided:
  • Stay on WW Simply Filling plan, which enables me to eat unlimited meat, fruit, veg and aims for 3 tsp of olive oil a day. (full disclosure tho: I've never ever counted olive oil and have done pretty well so far on WW to date, ahem). 
  • Use by 49 Weekly Allowance Points for avocado, bacon fat, and almond butter, GF bread, etc. Basically anything that I have a hard time portion-controlling. 
  • Experiment with dropping my morning oatmeal and banana and switching to protein and fruit or a yam for post-workout refuel.