Lean Eating At Home Version

Although I'm on the waitlist for the next round of Lean Eating, after reviewing our finances, and some other factors, I decided I'm going to start a round of Lean Eating myself. I have all the workouts, habits and lessons. I have a free gym at the office to use. All I need is some accountability. Here's my plan:

  1. Make a google calendar of the habits and workouts so I know exactly where I'm supposed to be when.
  2. Input three things into the app Lift (not Lyft!), which gets you a green check mark for every day you complete them. I'll create three habits: 1. Read my assignment 2. Did my workout 3. Practiced my habit. I'll get my checkmarks every day. Remember, I was 80% compliant for the *entire year* of Lean Eating, and that includes 4 months of being pregnant. Yowza. Those green check marks really motivate me. 
  3. Take pictures and measurements every 4 weeks (gulp) and change my WW weigh in day to Saturday so I'm tracking that day too. 
I'm going to keep doing WW because it's so dang awesome and it's only $20 a month. I'm super excited about this next phase; I've been floundering with the New Rules of Lifting workouts. The Lean Eating workouts excited me and most importantly, I saw results. I ordered a new bathing suit today and it should be here in 5-7 business days, so I hope to have a good solid week under my belt by then. 

You know I loves me some plans, so I'm super excited. Although my weight itself is pretty low, I've never felt squishier or mushier. Blech. Onward!