LE Week 2 Update

Meh. Not my best week of eating/weight. I got all pumped (crazy) and decided to cut my carbs a bit, which meant by Tuesday I had zero energy to fuel my workouts. Which, I also decided to increase my weight as much as felt comfortable. I don't have many regrets at all with LE but if I did, it would be lifting heavier sooner. To stop being afraid of the big weights and work within my rep range towards the end of what's comfortable. SO ANYWAY. I didn't end up using all my WW WAPs but I ate more of them towards the end of the week, which I guess was the reason my weight was up. Bleh. 

Starting weight: 129.6
Ending weight: 130.8
Difference: +1.2

But! I bought my first pair of white jeans ever on Saturday in a size 4! Which was pretty exciting. It's very weird to me that I'm at a very low weight and in a size 4 pants but 32% body fat. Blahhhhh. It goes to show you (me) that the number on the scale doesn't mean everything. 

This week's habit is to eat slowly, and it already has me twitchy. Onward, though!