LE Week 1 Update

My first week of Lean Eating went really well. I had forgotten how much it gets my head in the game and helps cut out a lot of the distracting noise (read: anxiety). By focusing on just doing what's on deck for the day, it empowers me to not spin off into the land of DAMMIT HL, YOU'RE NEVER EATING SUGAR AGAIN OK? Sigh. 

For instance, I bought a new bikini. Yep, I said bikini. I wanted to try one of those with a high waist. It arrived last night. It wasn't a total nightmare, but man, seeing my thighs up close, hey. My waist is much wider than I imagine it to be. This morning I was feeling bad about it, but then I took my first set of measurements and compared it to my best-ever LE measurements from 2012, and I'm not that far off from my best ever. It's true I keep most of my weight in my thighs and belly; but I know the belly is because I'm not getting enough sleep. My waist is 3 inches bigger than then, and my thighs are 1 inch bigger, even despite being 12 lbs lighter than when I started LE in 2012. So weird, but it shows you that weight isn't everything. I'd much rather be the shape and have the muscle I did back then instead of weighing what I do now. 

With that, I won't be posting my weekly weights here, just my monthly updates and measurements (with weight). My overall goal is 1 lb per week, just like always. My goal weight is 120. 

I also remembered and reframed: there's not much I can do about the state of my body with my thoughts; meaning the spiral of despair isn't particularly useful here. What IS useful is focusing on what's next: taking my fish oil and vitamin today, reading my assignment and taking a nap and trying to get over hand-foot and mouth disease, which plagued us this week and I unfortunately got. :( [I got in 4 workouts this week prior to getting sick though. WOO!]

So. Today. Fish oil. Vitamin. Nap so that I can go for a walk tomorrow. Onward.


  1. I think it is great how you keep working on this both physically and emotionally-- how do you like doing Lean Eating with WW?


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