I actually missed posting my weight the other day, so here it is. I had a really good week, despite eating cheesecake (YEP) and salted caramel gelato. I don't think I went over my points.

Starting weight: 131.4
Ending weight: 129.6
Loss: 1.8 lbs

I'm cutting out sugar for the week anyway, because I did some research over the weekend and realized that sugar in general and excess fruit are not helping my body composition at all. So for this week I'm going to try that to see how I feel. Hopefully less puffy, and god knows I could use all the help I could to look younger. Seems like hitting 40 aged me in like 5 years overnight. WTH.

ALSO. I was really hard on myself (SHOCKER) after taking my measurements, (incorrectly) thinking that my waist had increased three inches despite losing 12 lbs and WTH dude. BUT! It's actually three inches and FIVE pounds from my best ever measurements/weight on Lean Eating, meaning I'm 5 lbs lighter than then. Realizing that made me feel better. Still, I'm looking forward to having my proportions be back to uh, normal. In high school my measurements were 36-26-36. They're a bit off from there, and yes I've had two kids who I am so thankful for, but I keep thinking of those measurements as somewhere to aim.