WWRB Week 3

Starting Weight: 131.8
Ending Weight: 130.2
Weight loss: -1.6

The good: New low weight! New low weight!!!!!!! Lowest weight in 10 years! WHAT WHAT WHAT. What worked this week was envisioning the number I wanted to see; if I wanted chocolate at night, I envisioned that number and opted to go to bed or white-knuckle it through the craving. It wasn't easy but I reminded myself that I only had to pass a few times and not forever. It was a super challenging week with Lucia, learning how to best motivator her, and I realized we're not that different (understatement of the century). If someone tells me I can't do something, I rebel. But set a limit for me and let me figure out how to get there, and boom. That's exactly what happened this week. Ehm, with her and me. :) 

The bad: I didn't get half the amount of exercise I wanted; while I planned for outdoor/walking activities on the weekend, I was single parenting (Pete was away working on a project) and it poured. And Espen got sick. The end. It didn't happen. I also stopped counting points on Tuesday (I think I had a few left?) and ate a handful of almonds.

The plan: I have my number in mind for next week, and have baked black-bean brownies (THESE ARE SO AMAZING WHAT HOW DID I WAIT THIS LONG TO TRY THESE?) so that I can have those instead of the gluteny deliciousness that is Espen's birthday cake this weekend. I'm planning on working in more cardio just for my own sanity. I am ZONKED today, for instance, but going to the gym anyway so that I sleep better tonight. I'm also going to get a massage and soak at the Japanese bath house Sunday morning, and just might leave early so that I can take a long walk through SF like the old days. I'm excited.