WWW Week 1 (Reboot)

Starting Weight: 132
Ending Weight: 131.8
Weight loss: -0.2

The good: I managed to chose Filling Foods for most meals starting Saturday. 

The bad: I went a zillion points over my WAPs, and as previously mentioned, did a lot of stress eating. 

The plan: Moderation: no more than 7 WAPs per day this week to keep me on track and away from disordered eating habits. No cracking out on chocolate-pecan pie, ahem, or potato chips while sitting with simultaneous emotions of being elated to be back at work and so freaking fulfilled and psyched, and knowing that baby had a terrible day missing me at his first day back at daycare after our week-long "vacation" together. Sigh. 

This week I'm not going to focus on a number, or a size or anything else. My goal is moderation. The number doesn't really matter. 

I also think I'm going to let go of the BADASS ALL CAPS BOOYAH workouts. I keep making up my spreadsheets with prescribed dates on when I'm going to do workout A, workout B and realized um, that doesn't really have a lot of flexibility, which I desperately need these days. I went for a walk three days in a row, not to get a firmer ass, but because I really needed to take care of myself and clear my head. THAT feels like a more worthwhile goal in the short term. I've got about two weeks left of pumping at work, so as soon as I'm done with that, I might be able to cobble together a plan to get back to the gym. But I might not. And I might be OK with that. When I start Lean Eating in July I'll be back to the rigor and badassery, but for now I'm just trying to do what I can to reduce my stress levels and put on my oxygen mask first before taking care of others.