WWRB Week 2

Starting Weight: 131.8
Ending Weight: 131.8
Weight loss: -0

The good: I stayed positive and didn't completely go into oh fuck it mode after I went over my points. The GREAT: I went to the gym yesterday. I've been struggling with getting there and yesterday I just decided to figure out the bare minimum I could do, and I went and did it. I had the pom poms from my Lean Eating teammates (we keep in touch via Facebook in a private group), and I did it! My healthy habit I'm adopting for the next two weeks is to take 20 minutes every day for myself -- just for me and it's not allowed to be pushed off to take care of anyone else. I'm using the Lift App to track it. :) I'm also working really hard to corral my stress levels, meaning I'm trying to find outlets and continually say no to things. 

The bad: I went over my points. It was a LOT harder than I remembered to keep it under 7 WAPs per day, I think because I didn't have a plan on place (ahem) which meant having filling foods around the house to grab easily. 

The plan: I realized that in order to stay on plan, I need to plan on well, just eating filling foods all the time, with the understanding that by doing that, I get to have treats when I want them, not when I am out of options and am kinda forced to have them. I'm probably doing too much navel gazing around this, as usual. Go ahead and roll your eyes at me -- I'm doing it too!