WW and SS

Horrendous week. I've eaten all my extra points and am sadly (?) just eating only Filling Foods for the next three days. Starting Wednesday, I'm going to do what they do with the Simple Start, which is you can't have more than 7 WAPs in one day. Yesterday I think I hit a personal record of something like 32. Blueberry muffin, four pieces of GF pizza, wine, etc. The stress of the week just all hit me yesterday and I just wanted to check out and not be here. Ugh.

I'll update you Wednesday with the weight and stuff.


  1. Hi Heather!!
    I'm still here and reading, I'm just too busy, tired and all that so I never comment.
    Still here, still love you and support you!!!

    1. JULIE!!! Love you too!! Thanks for still reading!!


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