WWW 23

Down another 0.8 lbs. I'll take it. I did Ok this week, aiming for more vegetables and less black and white thinking. Instead of focusing on the things I couldn't have, I aimed for the things I could. You know, the usual. I'm a damn broken record over here. 

Starting Weight: 133.8
Ending Weight: 133

Weight lost this week: 0.8 lbs
Weight lost to date: 18 lbs

I'm aiming for the same this week in terms of approach and attitude. The scale flashed 132 this morning and I was elated for a minute. I'm aiming to actually count things this week. We are out of nuts at our house, so that takes up at least half my WAPs (no joke there). We are also out of the TJ's peanut butter granola bars that happen to be GF. Thank god, it was a race to the bottom of the box with those. Good lord.