WWW Weeks 19 and 20

The holidays were OK on my weight loss. Mostly due to a stomach bug I caught and ate nothing or minimally for three days. When I felt better, I ate smaller portions just to not over do it. I came home 0.2 lbs lighter than before. 

And then this week, inexplicably, I lost another 1.8 lbs. Isn't that funny about weight -- the weeks I try SO SO hard and eat x amount of vegetables and minimize sugar and blah blah blah, I barely lose. Last week where I ate entire meals of tortilla chips and hummus and tons of chocolate, I lose 1.8. SMH. 

So anyway, without further ado:

Starting Weight: 135.4
Ending Weight: 133.6
Weight lost this week: 1.8 lbs
Weight lost to date: 17.4 lbs

What went well: I lost weight. Haha. No, besides that I managed to limit my portions and stop chowing down when I was satisfied. 

What could have gone better: Not many vegetables. Which made me feel absolutely crappy. 

What I hope for this week: More vegetables and protein. Really focusing on the leafy greens seems to help me feel really great and like a lean, fighting machine. I reminded myself of this when my lunch today came with french fries instead of roasted fingerling potatoes: yes I could absolutely eat them, but man I'd feel crappy tomorrow. I put them on a side plate after having a few. :)

Marching towards 130...