Farewell 2013, Hello 2014!

2013 was a pretty great year. Some of the highlights:

  • Of course, welcoming Espen into the world tops the list. I can't believe a year ago we didn't know him. And now we're madly in love with him. He's got a very special place in my heart, maybe because of the struggle to bring him here, but also because he looks so much like my dad and well, he's the snuggliest baby in the world. Swooooon. 
  • Finally figuring out my eating issues and well, realizing that it's not really an eating issue as much as it's an anxiety issue. Discovering how to manage my anxiety, asking for help and removing judgement have been CRITICAL (excuse the pun!)  in managing overall stress and subsequent all-or-nothing thoughts about food, and the pattern of deprivation then binge. So happy to be off that roller coaster. When things go sideways now, I find that talking with Pete or a close friend about what's going on  -- just the verbalization of it -- enables me to break the negative thought pattern. I can't fully describe how freeing this has been. 
  • Successfully navigating and bringing my trademark tenacity to: breastfeeding and Lucia's kindergarten reassignment. Both were teeth-gritting experiences, but I approached it with a we're not giving up attitude and it worked. Both times. 
What I hope for in 2014:
  • My career/work situation: Something I am going to apply my aforementioned badassness to make a change. I feel like a part of me is stagnating, and there's not a much worse feeling for me. I'm implementing a plan, and chipping away at it slowly so it's not overwhelming/too much. Changes WILL be happening, hopefully sooner than later.
  • I'm going to try to enjoy myself more, which often means taking time for myself to do something that I enjoy, and oftentimes means putting myself first, even if it's for 5 minutes. 
  • I'm going to make a Life List and start considering how to go after it.