WWW Week 16 and 17

Whoops, forgot to post last week. WWW Week 16 = I gained one lb. It was a crappy week with tons of stress eating, and I made almond butter "for Lucia" of course, then mainlined most of it. Sigh.


WWW Week 17 was pretty rad.

Starting Weight: 137
Ending Weight: 135.6
Weight lost this week: 1.4 lbs
Weight lost to date: 15.4 lbs

What went well:  Lately I've been trying to make up rules again around food, which has totally backfired. I.e. I will only eat chocolate on these days. Then I eat chocolate every day and feel like a huge failure. So this week instead of saying NO to a food group, I decided to say YES.  I set the intention this week to eat a lot more vegetables, simply because I feel better physically when I do. I did that, and voila, feel pretty great. I also indulged less because I was stuffed from vegetable consumption. Wheee!

What could have gone better: I didn't count points past my Friday night wine. I'm positive I went over on my points.

What I hope for this week: More vegetables and protein, which is always hard when traveling. But we're taking the redeye so it's not like I need a day's worth of meals. If I can get through the holidays losing, I will be thrilled. My next goal is 130.