WWW Week 15



Starting Weight: 138
Ending Weight: 136
Weight lost this week: 2 lbs
Weight lost to date: 15 lbs

What went well: Uh, clearly everything? Haha just kidding. I didn't count any points for Thanksgiving but considered my extra points mostly gone. I focused on the Power Foods as much as possible other times, and ate a lot of green vegetables. That seems to make a huge difference for me.

What could have gone better: I had a hard time mentally not sabotaging. I basically threw a tantrum that I had used up most of my extra points, so I'd have these debates with myself. Super productive use of my energy. Sigh. I ate tortilla chips like a champ (and promptly threw the rest of them away) and ate far far too much chocolate and sugary things. See below.

What I hope for this week: I'm doing a little challenge this week to not eat any sugar. It's becoming a problem again. Double sigh. The other night I was desperate for any type of treat so I ate this cashew brittle that wasn't even very good and got horribly stuck in my teeth. (Also went in the trash).

I'm also going to try to implement my "kitchen's closed" rule, where I don't eat anything after dinner. I did this just a few times this past week and it seemed to help.

My next goal is to hit 130 sometime in the next 4-6 weeks; I haven't weighed below that in 10 years. 10 friggin years, people. So here I go.


  1. You're starting 40 off with a real bang! Congrats!

    I can't remember weighing 130...like ever. The lowest I can remember being is 135-ish.

    1. Aw thanks! How tall are you though? I'm 5'3" and have a small frame. :)


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