WWW Week 13

Thirteen for week 13!!! That's right! I've lost 13 lbs! WHUT WHUT!

Starting Weight: 139.6
Ending Weight: 138
Weight lost this week: 1.6 lbs
Weight lost to date: 13 lbs

What went well: I kept to my two-drink goal on Saturday night. This is HYOOOOGE. I just worked through my social anxiety and stayed grounded and had a great time. It was actually really fun. I really, really enjoyed my birthday dinner. I told myself no guilt, just enjoy yourself. I chose Power Foods the other times and made the effort to roast vegetables.

What could have gone better: I didn't get much activity. Both kids were sick and I started feeling bad myself around Thursday; blargh. I'm hoping to get back there today. God knows I love that place so much, so when I can't go I'm genuinely bummed.

What I hope for this week: I'm hoping to choose mostly Power Foods and less chocolate/sugar and more fat. My milk supply has dipped a bit, maybe since Espen started on solids, which could be normal, but I want to shift things a bit to see if I feel better. [Also in the self-care dept, I started taking vitamins and got out my retainers this week, as my teeth are *definitely* moving around.]