WWW Week 12

Erg, sorry for delay. My birthday was bleh; not because of anyone or anything or any lack of love or whatever, I'm just wanting to pretend it didn't happen. Blerg. It will take me a few months to ease into 40. I'm sure I'll get to the celebratory phase, just not feeling it this week.

Starting Weight: 139.8
Ending Weight: 139.6

Weight lost this week: 0.2 lbs
Weight lost to date: 11.4 lbs

What went well: I did really well this week! I went to the gym lots, earning 14 activity points. I chose Simply Filling foods most of the time and banked tons of points so that I could go out to dinner on Tuesday without guilt. Which I did! So my weight was Tuesday morning, not Wednesday (Wednesday it was up to 140.6 so I'm happy I weighed in a day early). I took the time and effort to plan my meals and non-Simply Filling foods so that my activity points would often cancel out any points spent, i.e. a trip to the zoo = guacamole. It worked well. I'm really feeling great about my workouts, i.e. choosing heavier weights and progressing nicely. I'm feeling firmer and stronger too. Hooray!

What could have gone better: Not much. Twas a very good week.

What I hope for this week: Welp, it's Saturday but I'll put what I hope for anyway: my birthday festivities cost me 40 pts (!) but it was well worth it: GF pizza, a brownie and a glass of wine. It was awesome and I savored every bite. I'm going to work to make up some of those points in the gym, and choose Simply Filling foods most of the rest of the week to get me by. However, we have Lucia's school auction tonight, and apparently it's quite the rager, i.e. people get drunk? So I'm super nervous about that (I cannot hold my alcohol, i.e. am buzzed after a single glass of wine) and in those type of social situations I get super anxious/nervous and end up coping with LET'S HAVE MOAR WINE. Argh. We don't know hardly anyone at this thing, and I feel so out of place at school functions in general; like it's a big clique and I'm not cool enough. Sigh. Other people feel the same way, I know. I might go for a head-clearing walk today in preparation, and I'm bringing my pump with me to the event, as the auction goes from 5-10 and that's too long for me to not. Nothing says party like pumping in the women's lounge, AMIRITE? My goal for tonight have 1-2 glasses of wine and bubbly water the rest of the time. I do not want to be hungover tomorrow or worse, have to dump milk. Because desserts are my biggest temptation and it's unlikely they'll have anything GF, I don't think it will be too hard to stay on track with that. I can't remember if it's a buffet or whatever; I think it is.

I have 12 pts left to use until Wednesday, so getting outside today for a long walk sounds blissful and helpful in points earning anyway. I feel like I need a big loss in the coming weeks, rather than continue to tread water like I have for the past month; blerg that's discouraging. I'd like to get to 135 by Christmas.