WWW Week 11

WWW Week 11

Week 11

Yarg. Not my best week. I was famished, worried about my milk supply and had some major stress due to our nanny flaking out and us suddenly giving her notice on Monday. I may have eaten some of my feelings. :)

Starting Weight: 140
Ending Weight: 139.8

Weight lost this week: 0.2 lbs
Weight lost to date: 11.2 lbs

What went well: I WENT BACK TO THE GYM ALL CAPS YOU KNOW IT HIGH FIVE. I got in tons of workouts. Three strength training and at least two walks -- maybe three! I paced myself and increased my weights/backed off when I needed to. It kicked ass on so many different levels. It was very tough making time for myself, but I did it and it enabled me to give back to my family more. I was a better wife and mom this week. HIGH FIVE YO.

What could have gone better: See above, ref. "eating my feelings." Sigh. I ran out of protein options one night and resorted to my old friend, peanut butter. Double sigh.

What I hope for this week: This week is tough; I'm turning FORTY NO BIGGIE next Wednesday, and I'm going out for dinner Tuesday night (and maybe Wednesday too -- Pete is surprising me so I don't know for sure). I'm not going to go bananas Tuesday because I weigh in the next day, but just so the scale doesn't mess with my head (cause you know it will!), I'll probably weigh in Tuesday as well. Actually I'm finding I don't really like to go bananas at all anymore. Interesting!



  1. Happy Birthday!
    My b'day is on Tuesday.
    I think you will like your 40's.

  2. Yeah for returning to the gym and some regular exercise. I love the gym so much. I don't even consider it as taking me time anymore. It is just what I need to do.

    I know all about eating my feelings. I wish I was the type that just doesn't eat when I get stressed. Who are those people?!?

    Happy upcoming 40! I wouldn't have thought you were almost there.


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