WWW Week 7

Week 7

Starting Weight: 142.6
Ending Weight: 141.6

Weight lost this week: 1 lbs
Weight lost to date: 9.4 lbs

What went well: I didn't go over on my points; I made myself count chocolate (lots of it) this week. I hosted meals/get togethers at our place three times last week and didn't go off the rails. I enjoyed some amazeballs chicken satay and counted the points for the peanut sauce and pretended it didn't have soy sauce and associated wheat. I didn't reach for food when I was so mind-numbingly tired on the weekend and Monday.

What could have gone better: I did a lot of stress eating this week. Gah. Work is well, uh. Challenging? And stressful and there's been lots of anxiety about it. Thus, lots of overeating, even if it's good foods, and eating too fast. Gah. We also have had colds and Espen teething so on Monday I barely knew my name.

What I hope for this week: Focusing on eating slower, and stopping when I'm 80% full. I'm going to try to get under 140 next week. I've been thinking about how I'm using my extra points, and dark chocolate is for sure one of my fave ways, but walnuts in my oatmeal I think are my fave. How about that? Peanut butter isn't it anymore. Hmm. Interesante. 


  1. I think it's great that you are still using your Lean Eating strategies under WW. I'm definitely new to this plan, but I don't know how well it would work for me long-term. Long-term, I know I need to practice those LE strategies again. If I had to track for life, I'd go nuts!


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