WWW Week 6

Week 6
Starting Weight: 143.6
Ending Weight: 142.6

Weight lost this week: 1 lbs

Weight lost to date: 8.4 lbs

What went well: I think I ate maybe 1 tsp of peanut butter this week. This is kinda monumental... I mean. What. I didn't go over my points, which was really really tough on Mon-Tues. Also! We have Espen on a solid sleep schedule now; he eats at 10, 3 and 7. If he wakes any other time Pete gives him the pacifier or gripe water. 

What could have gone better: We went out for pizza for Lucia's birthday and I had a 13 pt dinner. Gah. It's so funny, previously when I've done WW I saved all my extra points to binge and now I don't like doing that at all. It feels unsettling to do that. So now I chip away at them slowly; and while I still enjoy Wednesdays for being a little less restrictive, I don't go bananas and crack out on stuff. Last night I enjoyed a glass of wine (4 pts) and dark chocolate (5 pts worth) and walnuts in my oatmeal yesterday (3 pts). I also enjoyed a post-dinner walk (earning 2 pts) with baby and my fam. Also, in the realm of TMI, I suspect I was actually weighing less this week but had some uh, traffic jam issues in my belly. Must load in more vegetables on Sun, Mon and Tues this week. 

What I hope for this week: More veg, more activity points. I considered going back to my eggs only breakfast, but the fact is I'm LOVING resuming my banana oatmeal breakfast, even if I can't afford the walnuts and associated points. Loving. And it helps with milk production, so there's that too. 

7.6 lbs until my pre-preg weight... So excited!