WWW Week 5

Yesterday was my fifth weigh in with WW. Here's how it went!

Week 4
Starting Weight: 145
Ending Weight: 143.6

Weight lost this week: 1.4 lbs

Weight lost to date: 7.4 lbs

What went well: I had 7 leftover points at the end of the week. I ate lots of salads and budgeted for some fun things accordingly. I had wine once and PB and even chocolate chip cookies and biscotti Saturday night for dessert. 

What could have gone better: Not much? We went out for ice cream for Lucia's birthday celebration with my family and I felt sorry for myself a lot for not eating ice cream. :( 

What I hope for this week: More salads, more SLEEP so I'm not craving crap. 

My new goal is to lose 9.6 lbs by my birthday in 6 weeks. That'll put me back at my pre-preg weight. Then I plan on dropping a bit more to get me back where I want to be. Hooray! I'm excited.