Weight Watchers Wednesdays is back. Here's the rundown.

Week 3
Starting Weight: 146.2
Ending Weight: 145

Weight lost this week: 1.2 lbs
Weight lost to date: 6 lbs

What went well: I didn't go over my extra points this week. Wooooo! I budgeted carefully and worked in lots of salads and green vegetables.

What could have gone better: I felt deprived this week. :(((( I didn't want to spend a lot of points on things so it was very boring meals and snacks all week. Sigh. I'm glad I didn't go over but man, it wasn't without a cost.

What I hope for this week: More activity to offset some indulgences and truly enjoy the indulgences. I'm kinda over bacon fat -- SHOCKINGLY. It's nice and good and everything but light olive oil is included with my plan so if I use that I don't use 2 pts every morning.

My parents are coming into town this week so there may be some tricky navigating of menus at restaurants, but I think I can do it. I'm psyched I've lost 6 lbs in three weeks! YAY!