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So. My good friend started Weight Watchers last week and offhandedly mentioned it. I decided to join right then and there. I could go on and on about why, but the simple answer is, the program works. It's how I lost most of my baby weight with Lucia. So I signed up and started tracking Friday and weighed in today. I'm following the Simply Filling Technique, where you eat lean protein, fruits and vegetables and some grains (hello oatmeal I have missed you so) and only count points for the things that fall outside of those categories. Coming from the Paleo all-you-can-eat bacon fest, it's been uh, illuminating? to count points for bacon fat (dangit!). But I will tell you it has cut my daily stress eating of peanut butter down to almost zero. I don't want to spend 5 points on 2T dude! I'll be recapping each week in this space of what went well, what could have gone better, and most importantly, how much weight I lost.

Week 1
Starting Weight: 151
Ending Weight: 147

This was more than I thought, especially for a breastfeeding mama; WW guidelines are 1 lb per week. But I don't think my supply has been affected and it was super thrilling to see that number this morning.

What went well: I cooked an enormous amount of chicken breasts and other proteins and really focused on eating a lot of that to help with milk production. Like I said, I do not think it dipped, which is something I'm pretty proud of, I think the oatmeal has really helped too. I didn't skimp on fruit either, which is verboten in Paleo world too. I know I've eaten at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Given that they are free and I can have them in unlimited amounts, I've been a lot more inclined to make the effort to assemble a salad or cook green beans. In my leanest days of Lean Eating, I was eating tons of vegetables and it made a huge difference in both feeling lean and well, actually being lean. I had chocolate twice this week: 30 extra dark chocolate chips counted out and eaten slowly. They're really satisfying when eaten slowly. Newsflash, right? I've had peanut butter twice since Friday.

What could have gone better: As I mentioned above, shifting to a lower fat way of eating was uh, tough. I had to talk myself into counting the points for bacon fat; even though I'm supposed to have 1T of oil a day and I was trying to justify it as my oil. I removed skin from chicken, cut fat off meat, and used a teeny amount of extra light olive oil to cook my morning eggs. Even more, I ate my roasted sweet potato with just salt on it (not salt and bacon fat). Somehow I survived - gah. I'm sure this will get easier as I learn to strategically use my points for bacon fat and not gallons of peanut butter. Today, for instance, I chose walnuts to add to my oatmeal instead of bacon fat. I'm craving more fat, so I'll have to work it in. 1T of bacon fat is only 3 pts anyway. I've got 49 to use for the week. Kinda worth it, I think.

I'm psyched to be following a plan, and most of all, psyched to be 4 lbs lighter today. Can I get a whut whut?


  1. good for you!

    I actually just joined WW last week, too.

  2. As I type this, one of my browser tabs has a skinny smiling Jennifer Hudson and a WW ad for a free month LOL! I have thought about doing WW even though I know I shouldn't *need* to do it. You know, because I know how to diet, of course! Hmph!

    I am giving calorie counting/tracking one more shot for a month. If not, I'm going to take J Hud's challenge.

    I'll be reading to see how this works for you!

  3. Julie YAYYYYY!!! Exciting! Robin WHUT WHUT!

    Keyalus DO IT! I'm amazed at how much I'm eating and my pants are getting looser. Seriously. TONS of food, but eating until I'm satisfied (sometimes closer to full than satisfied ;) and sticking with the lists. Good stuff!


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