Test Weeks

I'm feeling fairly disparaged about my shape. As in, squishy. There's so little muscle left, I'm not sure if it's just hormones or whatever or possibly the fact I haven't lifted weights since December? But you guys. I am squishy. And lumpy. And blech. I feel GROSS. Like all caps like.

But as you know, the gym is crazy expensive. The gym down the street is 1/3 of the price but kinda yucky. However, if I'm just going to lift weights 3x a week and do intervals 2x (best case scenario here), I figured I could try the crappy gym for a few months until I'm done with breastfeeding and can devote the time during my workday to go back to the awesome gym across the street from my office.

But before I do even that, I want to make sure I can make the time to workout, consistently, for one month, to see how that goes. If I can do my strength training workout in my living room 3x a week and get in 1 interval workout + 1 long walk with baby, then I can join the gym. Crappy gym is 1/2 mile away from the house so I figure I'll use that as my warmup (also to outrun muggers! KIDDING, MOM) and cool down.

So. Onto the riveting details of the living room workout.

Warm up in the hallway: squat to stand x10, side lunges x10, jog down the hallway and back. Boom. Get started:

Squats (super low)
Plank (30s)

Stationery lunges

Two sets of everything; 15 reps each.

Tonight is night 1. I'm going to try to nerd out and track it on the Fitness Builder app. I'll do the workout again Wednesday, then likely Saturday a.m.

I'm psyched to be getting back to it. I'm steering myself away from judgement about where I was vs. where I am now. I am moving forward and getting stronger at each workout. Boom.