Dubya Dubya Week 2

Week 1
Starting Weight: 147
Ending Weight: 146.2

Weight lost this week 0.8 lbs

What went well: I got into a better groove about what to eat and stopped mildy panicking each time I had oatmeal. I navigated both a French restaurant and a school BBQ successfully. I didn't feel deprived at all. I'm psyched I've lost nearly 5 lbs, but think I could have lost more if I got in more activity. 

What could have gone better: I went over on my extra points by 4. It wasn't 44, but it was over nonetheless. I'm trying to plan better this week so I'll have a bigger stash of them on the weekend. I didn't earn many activity points, (other than 12 on Saturday for a epic long hike in Muir Woods and walk in Sausalito) as our lives have become exponentially more stressful since Lucia started school, and it feels like it's a huge effort to get kids fed and in bed by 8:30 as is. So I definitely could have worked in more activity. The French restaurant meal came with ahem, bearnaise sauce all over my steak and green beans, which costs me 6 (delicious! No doubt!) points but way worse, some pretty awful constipation. Ugh. Damn dairy does it everytime. And Espen wailed and wailed the next day too. 

What I hope for this week: More activity, more sleep of course, which means less cravings for sugar and crap to try to cope with the exhaustion. I'm aiming for more protein and more green vegetables too. 


Weight loss to date: 4.8 


  1. Nice week! I'm finding it tough to get activity in too. So tired. 5 months of broken sleep has worn me down.

    I joined this week. :) They had a good special on the online program and Ebates gives back $6. I figure $13/month for 4 months is a small investment to pay if it works.

    So far I like the points concept because I was using calories struggling with the number even though it was large. I feel like the points gives me a better sense of the cost. Somehow dealing with the smaller numbers makes things more meaningful and the impact of your choices more readily apparent, you know? I also like that they have a nursing program so it all isn't so nebulous!

    1. Awesome!!! YAY! Happy you're on it too. I'm really enjoying it and like I said above, not feeling deprived. It helps me reign in the excessive peanut butter eating and has made me reduce my sugar eating because I don't want to use the points. Keep me posted on how things are going!


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