On a Lighter Note

I'm debating a hair cut. I go back and forth about having long hair; I like it longer but lately it's HUMONGO and I can't deal.

I'm tempted to have it cut like this again:

But frankly, I'm a bit heavier than I was in this pic and am nervous I'll feel well, fat with shorter hair. I'm also turning the big 4-0 in a few months and do not want to feel frumpy or old. So help me pick a haircut, will you?

Here it is shorter with me being a whole lot heavier, circa 2009 with widdle baby Lucia.  

Truth be told I loved this haircut so much. But Pete did not. Sigh. 

I like this length too; it'll work with my newly grown out bangs.

Here's that same cut a month later. 

So what do you think? Here's how my current hair looks. There's a lot of it. I apparently have reverse hormones; it stopped growing during pregnancy and now is on a tear. I think it's grown 3 inches since I've had Espen. Yipes. 


  1. It is gorgeous!!! I love the length and don't think you should cut it. Especially considering the depression issue right now. You don't want to make a rash decision about it and then regret it. My advice would be to schedule a hair cut. Tell her it just feels too big (or whatever.) Usually hair dressers can fix what's bugging you about your hair without sacrificing length.

  2. Don't cut it, it looks awesome long. I regret chopping my hair off after Elsa, it was this post baby hormone swing thing. I second what poster above says.



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