So there's this app called Lift that enables you to track good habits and get a green checkmark for each day you do them. Since green checkmarks are seriously what kept me so damn compliant with Lean Eating, I'd figure I'd check it out. And it's been really helpful. First, you pick the habits you want by searching and finding other people that are doing the same habits. Here are mine:

  • Asked for what I want
  • Said No to 1 thing per day
  • Walk (not for a long time, not for a set amount of calories, just walk)
  • Pray
  • Be Grateful for One thing or person today
  • Eat Slowly and Stop When 80% Full

And it's really helping me remember to do those things, especially on these cloudier days where it's a struggle. I pray for patience with my family. I thank god I have a strong healthy baby who wants to eat all the livelong night. I walk and de-stress. I am more direct with my friends and family and say no to things more often. I think it's in the iTunes store as a fitness app, thus the name, but I think it's taken on a more spiritual meaning, because you get props from friends you follow. You get a lift from them and the community, as they give you "props" when you get a green checkmark. If you're motivated by green check marks like me, highly recommend.


  1. I love the idea of this. Just a simple good for you that can help keep you in check. And I love the habits you've chosen. Being thankful for one person and ask for what you want - amen!!!


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