Letting Go with the Nanny, Work Updates and Oh Yeah, the End of me and Paleo

This week back at work was marginally better using formula to supplement for feedings. Still, it was an experiment for the nanny each day to figure out how much to feed little man, since he wants to eat all the livelong day. I finally just gave up last night (after an awesomely helpful nudge from Mary) and said to our nanny, feed him whatever you think he needs. You're the caregiver and we trust you.

In other news, work is crazy. Crazy crazy. I threw my hat in the ring, or rather practically humped the leg of someone, to get an interview to handle media relations for a HUMONGO project. It would require me to be in the state capital often but it's where my passion is and well, we'll see what happens. It's overwhelming to think of being all JAZZ HANDS and hustle when I'm this sleep deprived, but well, I suspect it'll be mostly awesome.

In other other news, I'm done with the paleo diet and its weirdness. There's a bunch of posts going around, and they perfectly sum up how it went for me:

I feel like I'm back in a much better place. I'm counting calories, using this calorie calculator (the key is putting in your goal weight instead of your current weight) and adding in 200-600 for breastfeeding, and subtracting 15% for fat loss. And it's working. I'm eating 2000 calories a day and lost 3 lbs since I started a few weeks ago. [I also aim for 1g of protein per bodyweight; most days I don't get there; if I get over 100g I'm happy]  Go Kaleo's whole philosophy is that women aren't eating enough, and if you diet down to eating 1000 calories a day then you're not going to have any energy for anything. Love it. I might nudge it down to 1900 to see how that feels, but I'm thrilled with eating and the counting hasn't been too crazy making. (She doesn't advise counting forever, just to get the hang of it and understand portions). Today I measured out mayo for my chicken salad and realized the zillions of calories it has. Sounds painfully obvious, but with paleo/low-carbing it's a mayo free-for-all. Now I'm approaching food an eating from a much better place, i.e. without shame or judgement but just inputing data and tweaking my diet so I can fuel my body for me and Espen's needs. I still struggle with adapting the all-or-nothing mindset; a recent post from Gluten Free Girl I read overnight on eliminating sugar was really interesting and there's always that temptation for me to be all AW HELLS YEAH. But lately, I've just wanted to aim for more moderation.

I'm going to get back to strength training as soon as baby is sleeping more. And I'm thinking about asking for a FitBit for my birthday to see where I can get in extra activity. The previous dogma I subscribed to was movement only counts in the gym. This is so defeatist and would often have me thinking I'd either have to put on athletic shoes to go for a walk or that it didn't "count" because I hadn't intended to "work out." As the blogger at second link up there said, "If I couldn't go in "beast mode," why go at all?"

And about gluten: my allergies/asthma changed so much while I was pregnant, and now my allergies are just kinda baseline awful. My asthma isn't that BAD, i.e out of control, but every night when I'm nursing my nose runs like a faucet. I wake up wheezing at least once a month. Erg. This is with or without gluten. So I don't know what's going on. Maybe it's just taking a long time to get out of my system. When my in laws were in town there was a LOT of Costco chocolate cake consumption going on. [Side note: Man that cake is  so tasty. I really, really enjoyed it and it was really, really nice to just LET myself.] So perhaps once the gluten is out of my system my allergies will get better. Or maybe it's just happenstance and it's not gluten at all that is making me so sneezy. Who knows.

So thanks for bearing with me the past few years into Paleo crazymaking. I'm happy to be emerging, and really happy to eat things like oatmeal again.


  1. I'm very glad you found a solution to the nursing thing that works for you. I know how crazy/frustrating/stressful that whole thing can be. Shoot, it is working out for me at the moment and I'm still stressed out and definitely burned out on the pumping. Ugh!

    Because of my lack of progress, I have been tempted to do something like Whole30. It is so strict that I know I would lose some weight. However, I also know that I don't want to eat that way forever so there is really no point in doing something unsustainable for me.

    I'm going to try and be more diligent about calorie counting and cooking food. I have a BodyMediaFit so I know what I burn now with a fair degree of accuracy.

    Just curious, but why do you use the calorie estimation of your goal weight and not your current weight. Wouldn't that + the 15% deficit for fat loss put you way below your actual needs?

    1. Thanks! I'm happy to just let go and let him eat as much as he wants and being Ok with the rest. He's getting 80-90% breastmilk, and I let him nurse as often as he wanted this weekend (hello every 90 mins). Uh, you make a really great point about the calories! I think in my sleep deprived mind I calculated wrong. I bought GoKaleo's ebook Taking Up Space, and will consult it and report back! :D Thanks! My brain is so far gone...

    2. HOLY CRAP YOU ARE RIGHT. I should be eating more like 2300-2500. MOAR COSTCO CAKE! :) Kidding! That's pretty exciting. Thanks for the note!

  2. Parker7:28 PM

    I know how you feel about WW, but it could be helpful in keeping a balance and just giving you something to shoot for? As you know, they're rejiggered their math so there's more room for eating the stuff that's good for you - like fruit and veggies. Not that I think you're going to need any help - I just think you might find it interesting...

    PS: Yay for oatmeal! Yum!

    1. Yeah, you know I've thought about that, GP. But calorie counting is free and since I eat more fat/lower carb, I wonder if it would work at all. But thanky! I've heard good things about the new program.


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