Sane Eating

I read this post and this post recently and they changed things for me. Without reiterating the ahem, years of navel gazing I've done here and in general about food and eating and restricting and rules and blah blah blah, suffice it to say, that post changed things for me. A lot. So much I just listed my It Starts With Food book on Amazon to sell it, I've unsubscribed to all Paleo blogs/Facebook pages/Twitter accounts to stop the madness. So much that I finally -- FINALLY -- feel like I've got this intuitive eating thing down. I eat what makes me feel good. Most times that's clean. Sometimes it's a cookie.

The thing is, with breastfeeding, I've had to trust my body implicitly, at each and every step. Maybe that's why I fought so hard for it, because I knew it was a crucial step in this ongoing journey (barf, you know how I feel about that word). I have to trust that I'm making enough milk, and listen so closely to my body to hear what I need. Extra thirsty? Drink more water. Extra hungry? Eat more. Extra tired? Take a nap. All relate to my overall wellness but have a huge impact on milk-making too. I've had to listen to my body and tune in all day. 

And so here I am. Evolving, and feeling finally free. Something really amazing about telling yourself you can have whatever food you want anytime is completely liberating. It takes the charge right out of these things. There's no shame when I indulge; I'm not a bad person, I just had a cookie, that's all. I trust my body to guide me in the right direction. There's no good or bad foods, it's just fuel, and sometimes that fuel feels better than other times. Am I perfect at it? No. It's a daily practice of checking in and listening to what I need. Pretty cool. 


  1. Good for you Heather-I think it is a great way to approach eating-


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