Fitness Plans: SOOOOON

I'm itching to start working out, but talked with the doc yesterday and she said to hold off for two more weeks. Looking back at old posts from my pregnancy with Lucia, I cannot believe I was working out four weeks after the hellacious C-section with an infected incision AND doing Weight Watchers AND pumping milk 'round the clock. Dude. No wonder my milk production went down. Crazy.

Speaking of milk production, if you've been reading over at Team Hansen we've had uh, a challenging time with breastfeeding. I wish that I was one of those moms who just don't care about it and just think, whatever and have absolutely no problem switching to formula. I am not one of those moms. And that's OK. Like my post over there says, I'm taking it day by day and praying a lot (seriously) and hoping my lack of sleep doesn't cloud my judgement daily, i.e. force me into the spiral of despair. The lactation consultant this week said he's 80% there; Espen wants to nurse so we just have to be patient and get him there. Also, most books I've read said the kiddo gets it between 4-8 weeks. I'm giving myself a goal of 6 weeks before I reevaluate. Espen is now on 100% breastmilk which makes me proud, but dude it's at a cost. Pumping round the clock is a D-R-A-G. I won't go into details but I've currently stopped trying to get him on the breast due to a nipple situ. Hoping for a resolution to that in a few days, and then we'll just keep trying.

But! Back to my fitness plans. This week I started doing ab pull-ins [I'm positive there's a correct term]. You stand up absolutely straight and pretend your posture isn't shot to shit from the pregnancy, and pull your belly button towards your spine. I do 10 at a time, a few times a day. My abs have been surprisingly sore from just this, but not in a debilitating way. So I'm psyched it's working something. I underestimated the extent my abs would be impacted by the pregnancy and C-section so I'm hopeful I'm on the road to getting stronger and more functionality in my core. Turns out the core muscles impact uh, everything.

When I hit the six-weeks post-op mark, here's my plan: ab pull ins, 3x10 reps, bird dogs, 3x10 reps, goblet squats with no weight, 3x10 reps, and pushups, 3x10 reps. I'll likely have to do the pushups on our ottoman, because getting into a plank position might be too much/hurty. I'm aiming for three times a week to start. The whole "workout" should take about 10 minutes. I'm doing what we called Active Recovery for the other three days out of the week, which is a walk with Mr. Man for at least 20 minutes. Not a crazy heart-racing hill walk. Just an easy walk.

I'm doing that for the first month, then I'll create a new workout with bodyweight exercises, with workout A and workout B, meaning different exercises, to mix it up. Even though it's only a 10-minute workout, I feel super pumped to put on my headphones and workout clothes and pretend I'm super fit. Faking it somehow works in this situation. I have the new Justin Timberlake album to crack out to.

Two more weeks! I'm not sure if I'm counting down the breastfeeding reevaluation mark or the badass feeling I get from doing squats and pushups, but either way: two more weeks!!