Well Hi

Nothing like having a baby to derail your blogging. I've been posting pictures and updates over at Team Hansen here and there, but I've neglected you!

So here's what's going on:

  • I'm finalizing writing a letter of praise to the hospital where we delivered. Basically, it was the most incredible experience of my life. I am not exaggerating. I'll write a post here to share the story. 
  • I started eating GF oats with banana and almond milk for breastfeeding production purposes, and I swear to you I've put on 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Maybe 10, actually. Yeeesh. I swear I'm heavier now than I was in the hospital. Not kidding. So.
  • Starting a Whole 30 tomorrow. I'm already off gluten (allergic) and dairy (for breastfeeding) so I don't expect it to be a radical shift, just aiming for more vegetables, less processed food and my Achilles: no sugar. Hoping to depuff, yo. 
  • Baby Espen is a dream come true, and I mean that literally. He is the greatest thing and 10000 times a day I thank God for him and simultaneously cannot believe he's here and mine and that I get to keep him. He's just the greatest. 
  • My mom left today. I will miss her greatly, to say the least. I posted about it over on Team Hansen. 
  • My goal today is to get out for a walk, something I have not done yet. The post-op recovery has been a BREEZE but I have yet to do any exercise. So far, I get incredibly sore just from standing up straight. Must read my C-section books and start on the core exercises; it sucks being sore from walking upright (also not exaggerating there). 
  • I've been incredibly humbled and grateful for friends to help me with breastfeeding. Thank you, friends! 
I'll post more when I come up for air again. Until then, behold the onslaught of baby pictures and my dress attempting an Incredible Hulk moment at the baptism yesterday. My boobs are GIGANTIC. 


  1. What wonderful everything! Well, perhaps not the feeling that you are heavier than before entering hospital, but you and I both know that is so temporary. Love to family!


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