This N That

So last week my blood sugar was off the charts one day, which led me to basically freaking out. But then I noticed that the strips were really weird, requiring me to put a HYOOGE amount of blood on them before they registered. They seemed old; the ones I used before were newer and from my stepdad. Anyway, I was getting some craaazy readings. So I tried another package, and they were even crazier. So I went back to the new ones he sent me and my blood sugar numbers have been really low. Like, fasting 76. Anything below 95 is good. It was weird. So I ordered another package from Amazon and they arrived today; I wanted to compare the two packages. And whaddya know, they're just about the same. Which makes me think my "higher blood sugar numbers" all this time? Just the strips. How about that? I'll keep testing, but man that's a relief. Also, its nice to be able to have a little bit of dark chocolate at night. Lucia was allergic to milk from the start, so I imagine I'll be on a strict no-dairy diet while breastfeeding baby boy, so it's nice to have a wee bit of chocolate now. 

My good friend Gina wrote this today, and I'm so lucky to be in her inner circle. I feel the exact same way about the journey I've taken in the past few years. Leaning in close to friends who lift me up, and letting the other friendships go. It feels really, really good. They're having another little party for me this weekend, can you believe that? Those girls...they are so incredible. 

It's my last week at work! Hooray! My replacement while I'm gone is pretty great, and she started today. I really, really like her and am confident our projects are in good hands while I'm out. The catch is, next week is Lucia's spring break, so ehm, I won't exactly be laying on the couch. She and I are making a list of fun stuff to do, and a schedule so we can look forward to each day. I booked private swim lessons every day in the afternoon for her, we had a zillion make up credits, so I bartered and got them to book private lessons every day. WIN. 

That's about all I got peeps. T minus 2 weeks, 3 days. :)