Pre-Op "Class"

I went to my pre-op appointment/class today, which was just a one-on-one with a nurse, and was really, really helpful. We went through everything that will happen, during which time I realized that I such a creature of habit/routine that I LOVED hearing each step, even though I've read it in both books before. It was wonderfully comforting, and when I asked questions, the nurse said she was impressed with my knowledge (versus being annoyed, I was super thankful for her). Afterwards I saw my doc, who gave me two hugs, and we said SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!! Then we went on a mini tour of the L&D unit and the maternal care rooms. Our nurse today has worked at that hospital for 28 years so she knows everyone and well, you could tell she was loved and appreciated. Tons of nurses introduced themselves. I didn't realize it, but I was tense going into this appointment and felt a huge wave of relief wash over me after it was over. Hooray!