I had a doctor's appointment today and in anticipation yesterday had whipped myself into a foam so much so that I was basically hanging from the rafters with anxiety and lost count of how many times I cried. Not just cried. Bawled.  

Ahem. I'm better today. 

You see, my hands and feet have started swelling. While this was written off as oh-well during my last pregnancy, the terrifying Do-I-or-Don't-I have pre-eclampsia was uh, not as easy to write off. It was terrifying. Do you guys remember this? I'd go to the doctor (the terrible one) and they'd say, ok now we need to take your blood pressure. IF IT'S TOO HIGH YOU'RE GOING TO STRAIGHT TO THE HOSPITAL TO HAVE THE BABY. NOW JUST RELAX SO WE CAN SEE WHERE IT IS. 

Because seriously, is there anything more relaxing that that? It was awful. Like really awful. 

So when my feet and hands started swelling this week I got a little OKAY FINE, A LOT panicked. Wondering if we were headed to dangerville again. 

I also got panicked that I'd inflate like a balloon last time, i.e. with tons of water and swelling all over. While it was temporary, man it was awful. 

BUT the swelling seems more moderate and limited in minor minor amounts to my feet and hands. Phew. AND my blood pressure was totally normal today. Not as low as it was last summer when I was working out all da time, but still great.

My weight was also only up 1.75 lbs since my last appt, which is a relief. I was afraid with wonky blood sugar it would pile on.I'm still below my overall weight gain goal, so wooooo! Go me! My blood sugar values look great and she said I don't have to test four times a day, but I know myself better than that and will inevitably try to rig the system. Remember how I was looking for a way to stay accountable? Here's the answer: I'll keep testing. It's 20 more days. I can handle this. I doubt I'll gain any more weight and that's a good thing. I have some more thoughts about blood sugar and weight that I plan on posting about soon.

I reiterated what I said in my last post about having a hard time believing this was real, and she said yep, you're going to leave the hospital smiling and with a healthy baby. That made me happy. We looked at Mr. Man on the ultrasound, who is head down, not that it matters for the C-section but still interesting, and she approximated his weight to be 6 lbs. Everything looks totally normal. 

She said my anxiety about the coming weeks is totally normal too, and to just hang in there. She thinks I'm doing much better than I give myself credit for, and well, she's definitely right about that. She gave me two hugs today. I love her.