My last week at work nearly killed me; good god.

Exciting -- actually really a relief in my post-partum fitness planning: last Wednesday I stopped by the gym last week cause I got some funky billing notice for $21, and saw my fave sales dude. He asked what was up, and if I was suspending my membership. I said, nope, I had to cancel my membership because I refused to pay $20 a month to put it on hold to have a baby. He said, aw man you should have come to me and I would have fixed that. THEN he said, what were you paying? I said $90. He said, how about I lower that to $80 a month and you start the membership 6 months from now?


So peeps, I've got a plan to get back in that there gym, my gym that I love. I read this article on Nerd Fitness, one of my new fave fitness websites, about selecting a gym and if you love the place you go and more importantly GO THERE, then it's worth the extra cash. I have thought and thought about joining the icky gym purely for the cost, but just couldn't get excited about it. PLUS this awesome gym, as you know, is right next to my office so I can just swing over, knock out my workout, and take my computer home at night to make up the extra time. Freaking. YES. I'm so excited. While I haven't gained much weight this pregnancy (HOLLA!) I have missed my ST workouts and well, the accompanying muscle definition. Post-pregnancy, the plan is to start with core exercises, squats, lunges and pushups at home once I have clearance, then do that for a month to see how that feels, and head back into the gym around Sept. 1. In the meanwhile, fave dude said if I want to work out before then, just holla and he'll give me free passes. So freaking awesome.

Let's see what else can I tell you. Oh, new conditioner: always a thrilling topic, I know! I've been going through conditioner like crazy, as my hair is dry as hell and needs a cut, so the ends are in bad shape. I did like that one from Whole Foods but I was going through it too fast; I'm lazy and can't get over to Whole Foods that often, mostly because of the impossibly tiring parking situ. ANYWAY. I was at Target tonight and saw this Suave Naturals and decided to give it a whirl. For 28 oz at $3.24, uh it's worth a shot. Supposed to be like Aveda Dry Remedy (even cheaper on Amazon!). Hookay! I just tried it tonight and liked it; the crappy coconut conditioner I gave away on Freecycle was so thin, like the Lubriderm version of conditioner. This was thick and nice, and frankly at that price I'm inclined to not skimp.


  1. i'm gonna try that suave.

    1. I likey. I mean, $3? OK!


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