Daycare Updates, BOOYAH, Hair Gel and the Countdown

If we're friends on Facebook (most likely we are?), you'll know that we had to abort mission with the daycare provider today. Dammit. Serious bummer. I have about eight providers that I've reached out to, so I'm hopeful something will turn up.

I found out about my maternity leave today, officially, which was super happy. I won't go back until mid-July, and the in laws are coming to town and renting a place on airbnb for the month of July (less than a block away from us! Yay!) so I'll be able to spend time with them. Awesome! Earlier today when we had daycare lined up, Pete was going to take off the second half of the month so that we could start daycare transition (half-days) for the last two weeks of July. I'm not sure how many providers do the half-day transition thing, so we'll just have to see. But seeing that I have to go back to work then, uh, I imagine he'll be taking it off anyway, either to be Super Daddy or Super PT Daddy. Let's be honest, he's super anyway. He really is. I still can't believe he stayed at home with Lucia the first YEAR. He's a superstar.

I also got my Project Manager certification today, which required 59 online courses and associated quizzes, and then going before a panel for an interview. The interview was scheduled for yesterday, thus the dress, but it got rescheduled. So I had to find another cute dress to wear today (OH THE HUMANITY. ) But I scraped something together and more importantly: I nailed the interview and got my certification!! This gives me a big advantage over my co-workers when it comes to having work assigned; when you go after work as a consultant you want to assemble the best team, and having a CPM on the team is an advantage. BOOYAH. I'm so excited and thankful to have it done! I feel like I'm really rocking it at work and am super proud of where I am career-wise. I've ascended to new heights in the past six months, and I'm so excited to have a baby and not worry about job security. I know that they love me, value my work and I'll be back in July to keep rockin' it. We're making new hires while I'm out and I'm committed to checking back in, despite maternity leave, to ensure a smooth transition when I come back. It's like the opposite of how I treated my maternity leave at my last job. I love this job so much; it has its frustrations like all jobs, but my boss today was just so rad and told me how much I rock. You'll remember when I had that terrible boss? Ooof. It feels great to be in a great place.

In riveting hair news, I used some gel at the Bliss Spa where I had my prenatal massage a few weeks ago, and man my hair looked amazeballs. So I went out and got some gel. And me likey the results. See?

Super curly. This + humidifer + Wen means my laziness around doing my hair is reaching all new levels. Today I put it in a bun and re-wet my bangs. The end. So lazy.

Three weeks from tomorrow, peeps. THREE WEEKS. Until we meet our son! I think this actually might happen! I mean, we might actually have a baby at the end of this. And I don't say that to be funny; I say that as someone who is still in disbelief on some level that it's actually happening. I don't know that I'll believe it until he's in my arms. I cannot wait. I close my eyes at night and think about holding him, smelling him, and just in awe that he finally came to be.

Cannot. Wait.


  1. I close my eyes at night and think about holding him, smelling him, and just in awe that he finally came to be.

    I love this.


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