Are We There Yet?

You guys, I'm at that point of pregnancy where I am so goddamn exhausted. Like, hit by a freight train exhausted. I never ever sleep on our sofa, and today I slumped over and before you know it two hours had passed and I was OUT. Truthfully, it was easier to just go to sleep than get up out of the sofa. I'm torn between napping for 3 hours a day (not kidding) or pushing it so I can sleep through the night. We'll see how tonight goes, but lately, I've been able to sleep through the night, minus getting up to pee.

My last day of work is March 22. It cannot come soon enough. I do not know what I was thinking when I decided March 29 would be just fine. The only challenge is Lucia's spring break is March 25-29, so I'll be a SAHM with her all week. Gah. We've scheduled swimming lessons every single day, so there's that, which requires minimal effort on my part and gets us out the door to do one activity. I'm praying for naps every day too. Please god.

In other news, I've read the Nursing Mother's Companion and got kinda worried about breastfeeding. But welp, there's not much I can do about it besides study up, understand the reasons things go wrong and review old blog posts to see when, say, my milk came in last time. Handy, those old posts are. My C-section book also has a great list of things that will make it successful.

In reading those old posts, I realize how obsessed with the scale I was back then. Man that's weird. I weighed a few weeks ago on our scale and immediately got weird about it, so back into storage it went. I weigh at the doc and go by how my clothes are fitting.

Of course related, I'm over the diabetes diet. Though I'm feeling fine and blood sugar has been fine, I'm feeling deprived and trying to take care of myself so well, I don't feel that way. Erg.


  1. Anonymous5:35 AM

    My vote is sleep when your body says sleep! I have a fantastic book on breastfeeding that helped me out a lot. For some reason I was in near panic about nursing the closer I got to delivery and this book was a godsend. I will put it in the mail for you tomorrow! Karina

    1. Wheeee thanks! That sounds amazing!


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