• Dude I'm tired. Slept terribly. I'm starting to wonder if the humidifier being next to my head and the air purifier on speed medium, i.e. windy, is making me sick. I didn't feel sick all weekend (last hurrah weekend vacation) Come home, and felt sick today. Gah. 
  • You know what's depressing? Coming back from vacation with things to do every single work night. Things that are supposed to be "relaxing" like acupuncture and therapy, but are in fact, adding to my stress level. Argh. 
  • I saw my doc on Thursday (primary care doc) about the dizziness, etc. and she basically said I have to slow down at work or 1. I'll keep getting sick or 2. I could go into early labor. No bueno. Called my boss today and said I'd be working from home if he needs to reach me. I much prefer going into the office but can't deny the added stress/hassle it creates. Working in leggings and sweatshirt FTW! 
  • We're going to see a daycare on Thursday that looks really good; gets great reviews, has an opening, etc. Fingers crossed. 
  • Due date moved back to April 10, so I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant (changed the ticker to your right as well). The earliest they will schedule the C-section is April 3 and the "surgical scheduler" will be calling me to discuss days. That is really weird to think about picking out your kid's birthday. Really, really weird. The Nazis invaded Norway on April 9, so that's out according to Pete, and despite April 5 being my nephew and cousin's birthday, it's the birthday of a family member on Pete's side who was universally despised, so that's out. April 4 was the day MLK was assassinated, as any U2 fan knows, so that's out. The third is both Alec Baldwin, Jennie Garth and Eddie Murphy's birthday, so seems OK by me. I just checked on Facebook to see if anyone who annoys me has that birthday. Nope. Seems ok then. See what I mean? So freaking weird. 
  • Last hurrah weekend included ridiculously fancy hotel bed (no joke, my favorite part of the trip) and a trip to see Mary and David at their new house which is amazing and there were some pangs of envy on my end. Wish we were there, but confident we'll get there. We will. It's just timing. I remember a year ago I went to a friend's baby shower and cried the whole way home wondering if I'd ever have a baby again. And here we are. Baby boy showed up right on time and truthfully, has changed me in ways I never, ever expected. The same will happen with everything else in our lives; it'll unfold the way it's supposed to. 


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