Soaking Up the Love

Along this journey to get us to a baby, as you know there were many bumps in the road. I found myself leaning on good friends and establishing lifelong friendships as I struggled to reconcile the grief of the miscarriages, the diagnosis of Asherman's and resulting record-setting hysteroscopies, to the trials of trying to conceive and the frustration that can come with that. 

These women? Are amazing. Each one of them I relied on in various ways to support me, and they did. Wonderfully. When Lauren asked me what I wanted to do for a baby shower, I knew I didn't want a huge co-ed party with tons of co-workers, friends of friends, etc. I just wanted an intimate group and to be able to bask in their love and somehow say thank you for walking with me this whole way. 

Saturday was that day. Lauren, Gina, Annie and Dianna, my inner circle, had organized a fancy luncheon at my favorite restaurant in Redwood City (which used to be in walking distance, sobbbbbb). We had sparkling water, delicious salads and most importantly, sorbetto with flourless chocolate cakes made by Lauren. 

The special touches were all there; each woman filled out a card with wishes for Baby Boy that said I hope you learn _____, I hope you get ______. And they went around the room and read them. It was sheer bliss. I got teary thanking them; for I truly don't know how I would have made it these past 2.5 years without their hands to hold. Some old friends, some newer but all united in their love for me and support in bringing this new life into the world. The presents were wonderfully thoughtful, but most of all, I just cherish these friendships. I'm a very, very lucky girl. 


  1. Ah, that sounds like a fabulous afternoon. I love those moments when you realize how much friendships mean. It's easy to forget sometimes how much we lift others up and vice versa.

    1. Totally -- these women lifted me up. Love them so much.


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