Still dizzy. Upon the advice of my mommy, who I admit *sometimes* knows some stuff, I noticed that my ears, particularly my left, is congested. I called Kaiser and went downstairs to Walgreens to get Sudafed. There are a zillion types, did you know this? So I wobbled over to the pharmacist for a consult. Best part:

Me: I wanted to find out which sudafed is ok for pregnancy?
Pharmacist: are you pregnant?
Me: Uh yes, I'm pregnant. (pulling up my coat) I'm 8 mos pregnant

She basically said I couldn't take Sudafed, to which I answered, look I just talked to two nurses who said to take regular sudafed. So just tell me which one I can take. Thanks. 

Let's hope this helps. I think the dizziness is causing the nausea, and well, it's unsettling as hell, especially as I have to drive to Sacramento for work today (gah). Thankfully I'll be with a co-worker so I can ask her to drive my car if it gets really bad.